Continuing in our series of past students reflecting on how the programme has impacted them, this week we are hearing from Juliana Miller.

Juliana Miller – Autumn 2015
Then: Student at Geneva College
Now: Nursing Student


Juliana in 2015


Juliana in November 2017

Spending a semester in Scotland was one of the most spiritually life changing experiences of my life. Some of my most precious memories were made during this semester. As soon as I heard about Semester in Scotland, I knew I wanted to go. I had developed a love for Scotland and desired to grow in my relationship with God and in holiness. I could not miss this opportunity to focus for a whole semester on spiritual growth and my relationship with God. I love the beauty of Scotland and visiting the historic places, but most of all I treasure the teaching I received in this program.

Semester in Scotland is like no other study abroad program in that a whole semester is spent focusing on spiritual growth. All our professors desired us to grow spiritually, to leave with a deeper knowledge of God and of His call upon us to strive for holiness in all areas of our lives. God used this teaching to deeply convict me of my sins, of my lack of commitment to godliness, of my lack of fervor in prayer and in my devotions and my lack of desire to serve Him. I began to learn to strive after holiness and to develop the spiritual disciplines necessary for growth in godliness. I saw godliness lived out and portrayed in the church and in the example of the church members. I was encouraged to be involved in a church that treated me as family and to be surrounded by those who are all striving after godliness along with me. Even our excursions to the sites of the Covenanters encouraged me to strive after godliness. I was moved by the stories of the Covenanters standing fast in the truth of God’s Word and giving up their lives for Christ and for His kingdom. The Semester in Scotland program is so different from every other study abroad program in its goals and priorities. It’s aim is training each student to strive after godliness and equipping them to serve God and His kingdom in every moment of their lives.