Continuing in our series of past students reflecting on how the programme has impacted them, this week we are hearing from Castine Allmond.

Castine Allmond – Autumn 2015
Then: Student at Geneva College
Now: Videographer

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Castine in 2015


Castine in April 2018

The Semester in Scotland program was a great experience for multiple reasons. One reason is the fact that you not only learn about the history of the Reformed religion, but then get a chance to stand in the location where those moments happened. This was an eye-opening experience. Learning and reading in a class room is one thing, but having the chance to be outside and then hear and read the stories of people’s lives adds a whole new aspect of learning. Suddenly what were words on a page are given life. You can feel the wind, the grass, the rain. You understand the emotion and terror of many of the moments. There were few times you were not moved to tears leaving these locations. When you have the chance to experience history in a real way, what you leave with is not simply a fact or a story, instead it’s a connection, an experience. Another reason this was a great program is the primary focus on your personal walk with Jesus. The courses offered are geared to have you in the Word daily. This was my favorite part of the semester. Many of the classes helped you learn how to navigate through the Bible. The readings assigned were intended to help you thrive in your Christian walk. Having the absence of broad, over-arching themed tests throughout the semester helps you dive deep into your readings and lets what you interact with soak in. When you are not stressing over tests, you can really take quality time to learn everything about the subject, not just what will be on the test. The blessing of being taken out of your normal distracted college experience was like a breath of fresh air. The Semester in Scotland program was a great experience and time to reconnect with not only the saints of history, but with God himself through my studies. I would highly recommend this semester to any student.