Continuing in our series of past students reflecting on how the programme has impacted them, this week we are hearing from Graci Arias.

Graci Arias – Autumn 2011
Then: Student at Geneva College
Now: Speech Pathologist/Therapist

Graci in London2

Graci in 2011

Graci now

Graci in February 2017

I participated in the the Semester in Scotland program in the fall of 2011; it seems odd that it was so long ago because I think about it so frequently. The Semester in Scotland program was unlike any experience in education I have ever had and has formed my thinking and my theology deeply. The design of the program including reading and discussion allowed me to really soak in the topics without the pressure of having to regurgitate for exams or papers. It allowed me to wrestle through some of the harder topics gently and thoroughly where I probably would have become embittered had I not had the time or the support to go through them in any other way. While I loved our classes and our discussions, what has impacted me the most was seeing and participating in the church life. The church participated in the program as much as we did by taking us on excursions, providing us with meals during hospitality, inviting us into their homes, and loving us even though we were only there for a few months. The life and love of the church set the example for me of unity, hospitality, and service, which I hope to imitate continuously in my church now.