Continuing in our series of past students reflecting on how the programme has impacted them, this week we are hearing from Ben Gordon.

Ben Gordon – Autumn 2006
Then: Geneva College student
Now: Graduate Student, studying data analytics at The George Washington University


Ben in 2006


Ben and Emily Jo Gordon and their two sons in December 2017

The SIS program was a unique opportunity for me as a ministry student to get a glimpse of what ministry and church life looks like in a different context. While Scotland is a country in many ways similar to my own, it is also different particularly in that it is a “post-Christian” nation that has fundamentally rejected its Christian heritage. I got to learn about my own Scotch-Presbyterian heritage and I felt a sense of connection to my forefathers in a way I would have never experienced had I not gone to Scotland.

I also had the chance to evangelize and be challenged to step outside my comfort zone. I can without hesitation say that this program was the highlight of my college career and a lot of growth in my walk with the Lord occurred during my short time abroad.

In fact, it was there I was challenged to really think about how brief life is and to commit myself to seek the Lord first and His kingdom because it is in serving God that one builds up a treasure which cannot be marred by the sands of time.