When reflecting upon my time in Scotland, the old adage comes to mind: “time flies when you’re having fun.” Yes, yes, I know, that’s a cheesy line, but it’s true! As I look back on the past four months, all I can really think about is how thankful I am. It feels like I just arrived at Scotland, but also feels as if I’ve been here for forever. These four months in Scotland will not be forgotten. I don’t know how to begin to convey everything I’m grateful for, but here’s a few things:

Our classes: the readings, the instructors, and the lectures.

People: well, a whole ton of people. But special mention to the Airdrie RP Church for welcoming us with loving and open arms! (Special mention goes to Beth, who was basically my replacement mom, friend, chauffer, tour guide, etc.)

Time set aside in the program itself for spending time in the Word and prayer every single day.

Our week-long Reformation tour and Wednesday trips with Jimmy and Helen.

The opportunity to serve in Kids Club and CY every Friday—I’ve learned so much about God, the kids, and myself through this!

The prayers of so many here in Scotland, and also of friends and family at home.

The beautiful, fairytale land of Scotland.

Whether it be traipsing through the Highlands, listening to lectures, or enjoying Sunday fellowship, I firmly believe that every aspect of this program has been beneficial to my sanctification. This has really been a time for me to reflect on who God is, and who He is to me. Although I am so sad to be leaving Scotland, I am looking forward to finishing off my college career and beginning a new phase in my life! So long Scotland. You and your people have been good to me, and God has been steadfast throughout. Until we meet again!

Julia Lodder