Hey everyone!  Sorry that I have not posted lately, but I am still trying to grasp our amazing week in London that was part of our Humanities class. This was a great week all around, but I just want to talk about the busy first three days. Day one, we took off from the gate, and as soon as we got off the plane and got into London we went to the British Library and the Museum of London. It was so fantastic to see many original manuscripts such as: The Magna Carta, a Gutenberg Bible, and Shakespeare First Folio to just name a few. The Museum of London was amazing! They had an exceptional Roman section that you can just get lost in. This was a great way to spend the first day, allowing us to dive into the rich history of London. Day two was no different. Up early, we hit the streets of London as we adventured into the Underground. Peak time plus the Underground equals mass confusion as well as mass people! We eventually all were able to pack onto the train as we headed to Westminster. We were able to take a tour of the Houses of Parliament. This tour was great in allowing us insight into the political status of London. The building…no words could describe, much like numerous buildings we were in this week. After we had our tour and witnessed the entrance of the guest speaker for the House of Commons we ventured across the street to Westminster Abbey. What a magnificent architectural structure! It blows you away to think that this building was built in 1097!!! We took an audio tour seeing the burial sites while learning of the history of the Abbey.

After leaving the Abbey we walked from Trafalgar Square down the Mall to Buckingham Palace. This was a great walk seeing many buildings and sights London has to offer. The palace itself was a fascinating building. Afterwards, we made our way to the British Museum. This place was massive and filled with countless major historical artifacts. To sum up hours spent there observing all it had to offer, some major highlights were: the Rosetta Stone, Parthenon sculptures, Lewis Chessmen, countless sets of armor and weapons throughout the ages, mummies, Oxus Treasure, Hoa Hakananai’a, and many Greco-Roman artifacts. Needless to say, if you get a chance to go to London, even if you are not a huge fan of museums, you need to make sure you put this on your list of places to go. Just to do a brief recap of the past two days in London, they were jam-packed filled with exciting cultural immersion in its history and architecture. On our third day, Wednesday, we took a day trip to the one and only, Oxford. There was so much to see in Oxford you could practically spend at least another full day there, especially if you are a Harry Potter fan. Once in Oxford, we took a bus tour to get a great overview of the history and scenery. We were able to explore: the Oxford Museum, the Bodleian Library, and Christ Church College. The Bodleian Library and Christ Church College were my highlights of Oxford. The Bodleian Library was so enriching to learn about and explore! Then going to Christ Church College was spectacular, seeing the history and buildings. Without a doubt these first three days were exhausting, with recording walking nearly thirty miles! I was so happy and excited to see everything that I would have walked another 30 miles if needed! I think everyone enjoyed their time in London just as much as I did.

Until next time,

Jordan King


Day 1: British Library


Day 1: Museum of London


Day 1: St. Paul’s Cathedral at night


Day 1: Globe Theater


Day 2: Fixing up Big Ben


Day 2: House of Parliament


Day 2: a section of Westminster Abbey


Day 2: London Eye (got you taking a selfiem Julia)


Day 2


Day 2


Day 2: Buckingham Palace


Day 2: British Museum


Day 2: Rosetta Stone


Day 2: Hoa Hakananai’a


Day 3: Oxford


Day 3: Entrance for the Bodleian Library tour


Ceiling at Bodleian Library entrance


Day 3: Oxford Museum


Day 3: (left to right) Diskobolos of Myron c. 460-440 BC., Syon Aphrodite, first c. AD.


Day 3: part of Christ Church College


Day 3: Dinning Hall, Christ Church College (model for the dinning hall used for Harry Potter)