Semester in Scotland

Moments to be Cherished Forever


About a week or two ago, Julia and I just finished our Humanities modular class with Professor Tim Donachie. This course was as intense as they come. However, I was able to gain much insight and knowledge on Scotland and England throughout their extensive history. During this week with Dr. Donachie, we all went on a trip to the Robert Burns’ birthplace museum. This was a fascinating museum! There were a lot of objects displayed and interactive areas within the museum. We were also able to explore the gardens, his cottage, his monument, and the Brig O’ Doon. Overall, this week with Dr. Donachie was exhausting but impactful.  The following week we were back to an almost normal routine of classes. With Beth and Ian being away for the week, Julia and I stepped up to run Kids Club and CY. Both went well, and it seemed that the kids loved it. Playing a role within this congregation like we have been –  for me has been great. Not only does it allow us to impact the lives of the youth and adults in the congregation, it really opens you up to be equally impacted by every individual. So much so that you have a marathon of movies, deep discussions, or even the silly ones where people cannot stop laughing. These past few weeks have been filled with an abundance of knowledge, sightseeing, and moments that will stay with me forever.

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Robert Burns’ Memorial

Brig O’ Doon featuring Julia walking away

Robert Burns’ Birthplace Museum. Front to back: Jimmy, Helen, Dr. Tim Donachie, Mrs Donachie, myself, and Julia