Over the fall break, my friend April visited. We had a very busy week, seeing and experiencing many things in Scotland. Although we spent lots of time in cities, one of the highlights for me was our mid-week trip to Dumbarton Castle. The train ride to get there was pleasant and the rain held off for our outdoor adventures. It was so refreshing to be outside and experience a sliver of Scotland’s history.

The castle is situated on a large volcanic rock and overlooks the River Clyde. When we were there, we learned that recorded history of occupation on the rock (as a fortress) goes back 1,500 years, to occupation by the Britons beginning in 540AD. The castle was used as a military fortress up until World War II. Although it was quite cloudy, the view from the top of the rock was magnificent! Climbing 500 steps was definitely worth it. It is one thing to read about medieval fortresses in history books, but quite another to experience them for yourself.

Julia Lodder