For the past few weeks, Jordan and I have gotten to help out with Kids Club. With the help of others, Jordan usually does the games and I do the craft. This past week, because Beth was gone in America, Jordan told the story. This week the kids learned about the angel Gabriel and his appearance to Mary, proclaiming that she would have a son. The kids really engaged and answered questions well. Helping with Kids Club has been really good, but it really struck me this weekend how beneficial it has been to me. Going into Kids Club every week, I usually had an attitude of “What can the kids learn?” but I have come to realize that it’s just as important for me to ask “What can I learn from the kids today?” One thing that really stood out to me was the seeds of faith being sown in the lives of these young kids. Many receive these truths with open arms, and clearly grasp some really big concepts. Something I’ve noticed is that kids are a lot better at trusting. They have a seemingly easier time in trusting God, His Word, and those who tell them about the truths of God. It is encouraging to see people accepting the truth of God without always having to ask “why?” While doing the craft with the kids, they asked really good honest questions about angels. It’s always good answering questions of children, because you have to articulate what you believe very simply. I am so thankful that we are able to partake in a vibrant church body, with activities throughout the week!

Julia Lodder