Semester in Scotland



​Wow, this past week was a handful! It all started, on an island far away from home with two people who I do dare call my new friends. The three of us set off on a wonderful adventure! So, we gathered ourselves and away we went, to Loch Lubnaig. On the way, we stopped and observed these majestic creatures. Everything they did was astonishing! That is right, you guessed it… Highland Cows!!

With our journey continuing we stopped at Loch Lubnaig for coffee, food, and to enjoy the nice scenery.

Everything was going so well until Julia took “shotgun” on the way back. At this moment, I ripped my shorts! However, this was child’s play in the realm of bad news compared to what was to come later that week. Yes, the day, unfortunately, came when one of my friends left, gone for two weeks on holiday. Sad, sad times to come upon Julia and me. This, however, was counteracted by the guest appearance of our Life of Paul professor Rev Stephen McCollum. Let me tell you, that this man knows his stuff. Julia and I were engaged in an intense three-day session of long hours with Stephen on the life and works of Paul. I have not been disappointed at all with the classes here on the program! To cap off the week Julia and I took another adventure with Jimmy and Helen today to Linlithgow Palace, the birthplace of Mary Queen of Scots.

I have loved my time so far here in Scotland, especially with the people that are surrounding me within the church and the program. Needless to say, this week was INTENSE!

Jordan King