The Semester in Scotland program has so far been a fantastic growing experience! This week we are half way through our Reformation of Scotland tours, site seeing all around Scotland where there are famous Covenanting spots. Jimmy and Helen, who are our tour guides are the best people for the job! They take you to hidden treasures throughout Scotland. We just finished our brief classroom lessons with Jimmy on the Covenanters, so being able to visit these historic places are extremely humbling and emotional.


Jimmy Fisher explaining the significance of a monument.

On Wednesday, the group could fit taking a small stop to my own ancestor’s farm that he lived at. This was a great experience to be able to stand where my ancestor stood centuries ago. Jimmy and Helen are so flexible and considerate when giving these tours. If they think it can work with the schedule they will try their best to make it happen.


My ancestor’s farm

Along with taking a personal stop for me, the group has also visited martyr sites, memorials, and tombstones throughout central and southern Scotland. One story that is very touching is that of the “Two Margret’s”. These accounts of faith in Christ, that was the backbone in the reformation in Scotland, are such beautiful things to come and learn about – a country not allowing their religion to be suppressed. The powerful leadership that was in place to do God’s work in the Reformation is amazing. Reading about this and talking about it in a classroom is one thing, however, when you go out and see where these events took place, standing where men and women stood their ground for their belief and for God is astonishing!


Where the two Margarets were martyred.

We are only two days into our tour, and I have learned and seen so much! I am excited to keep moving and growing through this program and cannot wait to tell you guys more, next time.

Jordan King