Jordan and Julia games

Welcome home, Jordan. Airdrie and the RP Church of Airdrie have made it their mission in making my new home for the semester nothing short of my home away from home. Immediately you feel part of the community whether it is from game night, being invited to people’s houses for tea, Sunday services, or the kids club, you are guaranteed to receive a warm welcome from everyone.

Within my first week here I have had the opportunity to visit homes of the members in the congregation. Enjoying conversation, games, and tea this was a fast track way to feel embraced from the RP community. Going to a new church may be uneasy at times, but I was welcomed with open arms and had wonderful conversations with everyone. It feels that I have been a member of this community for months rather than just one week!

It was a blessing to be introduced to the youth of Airdrie and the RP Church while studying God’s Word together. It was wonderful to see the interaction shared between the youth. I was surprised with the interaction I had with the kids considering I was a completely new person to them. Learning about the story of Esau and Jacob, the kids were interactive and attentive throughout the lesson. Watching them make similar arms to that of what Esau had was both entertaining and exciting.

I am looking forward to the exciting adventures that are ahead of us in such a beautiful country. With this being my first experience away from the states, I feel that this has been a great cause of spiritual and character growth in a short time. I am excited for I know that there is more to come!

Jordan King