With the TeamAfter returning from a full and extraordinary trip to Germany and Austria Kara and I were exhausted. But alas, rest was not to be had. This past week Kara and I, along with a team of youth from Northern Ireland and Ireland, and several members of the Airdrie, Glasgow, and North Edinburgh churches, went door to door handing out flyers for a sermon series that Pastor Quigley will be giving on the evenings of Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday this week. We all got to see much more of Airdrie’s residential areas than we had before and met many local people along the way.

All of the members of the “Go Team”, as they were called, and ourselves would be split into groups to go to different areas around Airdrie each day. At 10:00am the first groups formed and were sent to distribute leaflets into the mail slots of every house in Airdrie. We would all return for lunch at 12:30pm and head back out in new teams from 2:00pm-4:00pm at which point we would break for dinner. Then it was back out from 6:30pm-8:00pm for the final segment of distribution for the day. We did this from Thursday – Saturday, and at the end of each night the team would hang out with the CY and do some sort of fun event like bowling or watching a movie.

Despite many encounters with angry dogs, grumpy people, and fingers pinched in letter boxes, by the end of the three days we had distributed just under 15,000 leaflets around Airdrie. By God’s grace Kara and I met an older gentleman who came out to thank us for the flyer and ask a bit more about the services. It was encouraging to get a bit of immediate positive feedback for our work and prayers that seemed to be often met with general exasperation. Leaflets were pushed back out through mail slots or torn up on the ground. It is worthy of note that if these people were to receive a leaflet for a fast food advertisement or insurance company they would simply throw it away without a second thought. However, several heated phone calls and emails were sent to the church in response to the leaflet distribution. This just goes to show, as it were, that people repress their knowledge of the Lord as he reveals himself in the world around us; any prodding towards the consideration of eternity cuts through the shroud they put over the truth of the gospel as revealed to them by God’s grace.

Even still, Kara, I, and all of Airdrie RP are waiting in hopeful anticipation of who may come to hear the word of God preached here with the church this week. May the Lord work in the hearts of all the people that received a leaflet reminding them that they cannot run from God. Thank you all for your continued prayers during our time abroad! Things are winding down here and Kara and I, though sad to leave, are looking forward to seeing you all back home!

Ethan Masters