The highlight of this past week for me was definitely Kid’s Club and CY (Covenant Youth) on Friday night. The kids had so much energy at Kid’s Club (which wasn’t new), and they really directed that energy toward interacting during the lesson on Creation and in doing their craft. We decorated flower pots that night by using thumb and finger prints to make insects, and each kid filled their flower pot with soil and flower seeds. I pray that in the same way that these kids nurture their flower seeds to grow, God would nurture the seed of the Gospel in their hearts and bring them to salvation in His Son.


Decorating our flower pots at Kid’s Club

At CY that night we had a craft night (perhaps why I enjoyed both so much—I love crafts!) which was a blessing not only because of the time spent making picture frames and festoons, but mostly because of the time spent talking, laughing, and goofing around with other friends and Christians.


Some of the finished products of CY Craft Night.

I guess you could say that just like this great night spent with people was the highlight of my week, spending time with the people here has been the highlight of my semester thus far. God has been teaching me so much through my time spent in Sunday worship, Wednesday outings, weekly Bible studies, Kid’s Club and CY, meals with church members, and the other spontaneous events like game nights, movie nights, Saturday adventures…even just walking home with people and chatting. That’s not to say that every time I’m in one of these situations I am acutely aware of some specific lesson from God or even that He’s teaching me at all; rather, it is the culmination of time spent with God’s people and in His Word that are opening up avenues for God to penetrate me and grow me to be more like His Son. Often times I am not aware of this as it happens, but upon looking back I can see that there have been changes in my attitude and character over the past couple months. I pray that upon my return to Pennsylvania I will continue to immerse myself in the things of God and allow Him to continue to work in me, as He has been doing ever since my conversion.

As I said, this has been the highlight of my time here, but it goes without saying that my time here neither has been nor will continue to be without struggles! If you would, please continue to keep Ethan and I in your prayers. God bless!

Kara Kauffman


One of our stops on our Saturday Adventure with Beth: Loch Tay!


Also on our Saturday Adventure: a wild Ethan troll under the bridge at the Falls of Dochart.


The Falls of Dochart