This past week, March 20th – 27th, has been one of the more normal weeks that Kara and I have had in while. Of course, that’s hardly saying something when you are living in another country. This week Kara and I had to put the axe to the grind, so to speak, and make a dent in a steadily rising pile of upcoming assignments. What’s more, Spring Break is coming up soon for us, and there is plenty yet to be done in preparation for our trip to Germany. Still the busy week did not stop Kara and I from going on a few new adventures.

On Wednesday Kara and I took our weekly trip with Jimmy and Helen to Castle Campbell, also known as Gloume Castle. The Castle, built by the Duke of Argyll of Clan Campbell, is situated on the top of a mountain of volcanic rock above the city of Dollar. At some point the brittle cliffside split and a small segment of the courtyard drifted to the side some ten feet. According to some of the few known records concerning the life in Castle Campbell, John Knox visited this castle at some point during his ministry in Scotland. Allegedly, Knox gave a sermon from the fractured piece of the courtyard to a congregation gathered below. To this day that fractured piece of the courtyard is called John Knox’s Pulpit. The attendant and caretaker of the Castle (who was a really nice guy named Finley), however, told us that he doubts that Knox ever preached such a sermon. Still, the name sticks.

Fast forward a few days and we get to Friday where Kids Club went excellently. We had a new visitor this week: a boy named Connel (I hope that’s how he spells it) who a few of the kids knew from school. After an impromptu game of… well I’m not sure what to call it… ultimate frisbee/soccer/football/roughhousing we recited our memory verse: Romans 3:23 “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” Shortly after that I presented the lesson on the Creation and fall of man from Genesis 2-3. I am pleased to report that the lesson went quite long as the kids had many engaging questions to ask. Even after kids club was over Connel came up to me and asked me about how all the animals were made and some of the boys and I explained the six days of creation. After Kids Club the older kids stayed and a bouncy castle was set up in the gym for CY. Pandemonium ensued.

On Saturday Beth, Fraser and Stacy Rider, Kara, Milo the Dog, and I went on a trip to the Highlands and saw some fantastic snow capped mountains. Despite catching a slight cold and cutting my knuckle open on a road sign this was one of if not my favourite adventure to date. We saw many scenic overlooks, skipped rocks, made up games by throwing rocks, forded a stream, climbed the walls of a castle, and ate some of the most delicious food you could imagine at Beth’s favourite Chippie.

Sunday was another day of adventure. Kara and I visited a church in Glasgow of which our Systematic Theology professor, Kenneth Stewart, is the pastor. Pastor Stewart gave a lovely sermon on Ruth in the morning service and one of Samson in the evening. Between the services Kara and I ate lunch at Pastor Stewart’s home and visited with some friends we had made from Glasgow University during the filming of the Semester in Scotland promotional video. One of those said friends, Ian, gave us a lift home to Airdrie, and Kara and I, despite our best efforts to write a bit more on our papers, decided it best to call it a night.

Kara and I appreciate all your prayers back home and all the kindly hospitality we have experienced here in Scotland. Please continue to pray that the Lord would give us all contentment with his good and perfect will and that we would trust in him as our rock and our redeemer. Thanks!

Ethan Masters