Kara and I have completed our second week of classes here in Scotland and have many experiences to share!  We both miss being at home and have had our fair share of frustrations thus far, but we are happy to be here in Scotland where we can focus primarily on growing in knowledge and faith in the Lord through our theocentric classes. Our adventures here in Scotland this week have been filled with joy, laughter, worry, and haggis. Now allow me to sum up what I can, since fully explaining every detail of our week within the confines of a few paragraphs is next to impossible.

Picking up where Kara left off: the adventures continue! She and I went to see the beautiful 12th century Glasgow Cathedral this past Wednesday with Jimmy and Helen and walked around looking at the tomb of St. Mungo, the founder of Christendom in the area of Glasgow, as well as the Glasgow Necropolis complete with some 300-year-old graffiti. It’s incredible to be living in a culture with vandalism older than our Declaration of Independence. Kara and I also had a chance to visit the oldest house in Glasgow known as the Provand’s Lordship. Built in 1471 A.D., the Provand’s Lordship was used to house the Clergy of the aforementioned Cathedral. On Friday, Kara and I returned to Glasgow on our own and walked around the city, visiting several shops, Princes Square, and the Gallery of Modern Art. On Saturday, Kara and I went with Beth–who has become a dear friend to both of us–to see Loch Lomond, of which you will see a few pictures below. This has been my favorite trip thus far as it felt so quintessentially Scottish to look out over the Loch dotted with ripples from raindrops and blanketed with a veil of fog. That mentality was likely aided along as Kara and I kept singing The Bonnie Banks o’ Loch Lomond as we gazed out onto the beautiful scenery around us. While at the Loch, I spent much of my time skipping rocks while Kara snapped pictures. That is, until she accidently dropped her phone in the Loch, at which point we switched roles. Fortunately, Kara’s phone survived after being dried out in a bag of rice for 24 hours, thus you can still expect to see plenty of pictures from both of our perspectives as our adventures continue here in Scotland.

As far as classes and church events are concerned this week, all has been well. Kara and I have continued keeping up with our reading assignments and have greatly enjoyed getting to know more people here at Airdrie RP Church. We’ve made fast friends with many of the church members this week and have been fortunate enough to be here for the birth of a new addition to the congregation. Stephen and Brenda McCollum’s first child, Zoe Elaine, was born on Saturday, January 28th, and is as healthy as she is lovely. Kara and I, like most of the congregation, are looking forward to meeting her and attending her upcoming baptism on the 12th of February.

Kid’s Club, one of the church’s ministries that Kara and I participate in on Friday nights, has been going excellently. Kara taught the lesson this week on Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego’s deliverance from the fiery furnace of King Nebuchadnezzar and how it points to the salvific deliverance we experience today. We’ve been getting along with the kids so well, in fact, that one of them has even given me a nickname! He, having the same name as I do, has adopted the classic Scottish cry that “There can be only one!!” and has taken to calling me Bob.

I am running out of room, so the full stop is this: Kara and I are so blessed to be here in Scotland, not simply because of the novelty of being in Europe, but because of the joy that we share in being a part of the lively fellowship of the church in Airdrie. We are both transformed and renewed a little more each day through Christ’s renewal in our hearts as we learn about His Word through the specific revelation in His Scriptures and the natural revelation in His people. The Lord is shaping both of us here and we pray as the Psalmist does that the words of our mouths and the meditations of our heart will be pleasing to our rock and our redeemer, Jesus Christ, during our stay here in Scotland.

Ethan Masters


On the road to Rest and Be Thankful


Kara at Rest and Be Thankful


Loch Lomond


The Village of Luss


Taking the High Road and the Low Road