Hey all, this is Louisa.

This post is one that is supposed to sum up all of your final thoughts about the past semester. I don’t believe this is possible. Through this past semester, I have met many encouraging brothers and sisters in Christ, who have loved all of us so unconditionally and with so much understanding. I have learned so much and grown so much this past semester. I say semester, but it really feels like it has been so much longer, and I will miss everyone over here so much while away. I hope to one day come back and visit, but I doubt that I will ever live over here again as I have during this time. When I say that I will miss everyone, I am telling the truth, even now I am sitting in the middle of my mostly packed up bedroom, and crying because I will miss everyone whom I have met over here.

This semester had been one crazy ride, but one that I will forever remember my lessons from.  I will remember all the peaceful times and crazy times, when I was scared, and excited, and when I learned about life and other cultures. This semester was a time in which I had a chance to grow both spiritually and in information. Scotland is a place I have come to love not only for the beautiful countryside and awesome architecture, but also for the people. If I had to say it was one thing, I would say eye-opening. Eye-opening in the people, the life, the history, and the differences in this culture and my own. I love Scotland! I hope to see it again and my friends who live here!  I guess my goodbye will be “Tallyho!!, see y’all again!!”

Louisa Masemore