Heya, All!!

So! This past week was our Autumn break over here, and Lauren and I went to Amsterdam, Netherlands. We had a great time, but there was one thing that kept asserting itself to me through the entire trip. Trust. All of my life I have been taught that trust was one of the most important aspects of life. Trust in God’s almighty power and providence. This trip was something of a trust exercise, not only for myself, but also for Lauren as well. We had to trust each other and trust God to protect us in a city that was unfamiliar and more confusing than what we were used to.

First of all we were two American girls traveling together to a different country with no one waiting for us on the other end. No matter where you are going that is something that most sane people would avoid. We took it in stride, yes, we were nervous, but I knew that God is in control of everything, and that we were doing what he wanted us to. This was made even more clear when my mom later informed me that the place we originally wanted to go to was being plagued by earthquakes.

Second, we didn’t know each other all that well in reference to ability and attitude. In other words, would we get along and trust each other enough to make sure we did not ruin the whole thing for both of us? As it turned out, it suited us just fine, and we were able to have an awesome time walking around Amsterdam.

Thirdly, in Amsterdam it is not unusual to come across a lot of people who do drugs and also many homeless people that you need to be careful of. Truth be told, there were a couple of times when we knew we just had to keep on walking and not get distracted by any of the people around us.

Finally, for me while I was there I found out that someone I respected a lot was killed in a car accident, and some of my other friends were also in one. This does not seem like a situation in which someone would require trust, but it reminded me that no matter what, our lives are in the hands of the King, and as long as we walk as he wants us to we will be as safe as we can be. Whether that be living or dying, that is what is best for us. But only if we trust him!

Louisa Masemore