The past week of our Humanities modular course and dealing with a five hour time difference when seeking to talk to those back home has been exhausting.  However, despite sleep-deprivation, the Humanities class with Dr Tim Donachie was enjoyable in its intense quality.  We learned history, philosophy, and the general thinking of mankind.  We sifted famous writers of philosophy through the Christian worldview.  We read the poetry of John Donne and Robert Burns.  We read works of John Milton and Adam Smith, finding where they were right and wrong, accurate and inaccurate.

We read, we discussed, and we learned.  Though history is not my favourite or best subject, it was presented in a way that could be grasped and understood.  Though philosophy can sometimes be dangerous to delve into, we discussed it all on common Christian grounds.  And though this past week was mentally exhausting, the benefits of learning are far better than sitting around doing virtually nothing.

Mary McCurdy