If you have ever been to Scotland for any reason, you know that it is almost always windy, and on a lot of days, it seems to be rather rainy. This is not true of all of the days, for even at this moment, it is a nice sunny day with patchy clouds. The temperature remains a bit on the cooler side, at least coming from a summer in the United States, but it is bearable, and, if you are prepared with the proper clothing, it can be lived in. It was on one such dreary day this week that I caught myself marveling at God’s providence. Louisa (my flat mate) and I had gone to cross a street, thought the car with its turning signal flashing had seen us, and very narrowly missed getting hit. Startled by the honk of the horn directly behind us, we rushed to the safety of the sidewalk and breathed out prayers of thanks.

Later on, I considered the events of the day and found myself pondering God’s deliverance in that situation. Though it was an act of misjudgment on our part, God still decided to smile upon us and deliver us from death. If it had been our time to go, I am sure that in the moment we would have been fine with it, as we would have no real choice in the matter. But God thought it best to deliver us in that moment, to keep us safe, and to give us the speed we needed to get out of the way of danger as quickly as possible.

Earlier this day, we had seen a flock of pigeons walking along the wet walkways, getting rained on, and bobbing their little heads with each step. I found it laughable at the time, but with later thinking, it brought to mind the verse in which it is said that God takes care of the sparrows and how much more will he take care of us? God takes care of sparrows, hawks, and even the lowly pigeons. If he takes care of even the lowliest creatures, how much more will he take care of those who are created in his image? Even when we are being somewhat idiotic in our attempts to quickly cross a street in the Scottish wind and rain, God still takes care of us, and if it is his will, brings us to safety on the other side.

Mary McCurdy