Sunlight filters through the patchwork of clouds casting shadows, which play games on  the green landscape. The mountains jut out of the earth, but do so softly, being covered by a carpet of greens and browns. There are two little lakes in little valley below us. The hills are almost uninterrupted by the single-track road which zigzags up the hillside. In the distance you can see a little village, and not far from that, the sea. The ocean and sky meet in a blue haze. It truly is an idyllic and majestic scene. This was the beautiful landscape that we had the privilege to walk into last Saturday. Though the ground was a bit soggy, we ate a picnic lunch on the hillside overlooking the Quiraing on the Isle of Skye; it was magnificent. There are just no words to accurately describe it.


This past weekend we journeyed to the Isle of Skye – one of the places I have wanted to see most in Scotland. We left on Friday in the rain, but despite the clouds, the scenery was beautiful. We drove through some of the most scenic places in Scotland – along Loch Lomond, through Glencoe, and to Fort William. After a long, but enjoyable drive we reached our destination in a small village called Plockton. Nicki and I were both delighted to find that out the window we had a lovely view of a quaint old train station which looked as if it was straight out of Anne of Green Gables. Then on Saturday morning we crossed the bridge to the Isle of Skye which was even better than all the pictures. We stopped at many spots to take our own photos. We drove all the way up to the north part of the Island to a village called Uig, which had a harbor and looked right into the sea over to the Isles of Harris and Lewis. We then stopped for lunch at the Quiraing, going on to see an incredible waterfall whose water plummeted straight into the clear sea below. We also were able to see the lovely town of Portree with its colorful buildings on the harbor. After bidding the lovely Isle a grudging goodbye, we stopped to look at the famous Eilean Donan Castle. We also saw Urquhart Castle on Lock Ness (No sightings of Nessie, I’m afraid). Our final stop was Cawdor Castle near Inverness and then we came back to Airdrie. We definitely saw a good bit of Scotland on our trip and lots of stunning scenery.


It was one of the best trips I think I have ever taken because of the incredible scenery everywhere around us. The trip was made even better because of the wonderful people I traveled with – Nicki and Beth – and the fellowship we were able to have. Not to mention the many memories that were made as well. Skye really is the kind of place that I have dreamed about, and now I have actually seen it!

Kilt Rock

The whole of the trip definitely reminded me of the beauty of God’s creation. I was also reminded of God’s majesty and his care for little us. On one of the plaques naming the mountains around us, Psalm 121 was inscribed. What the Psalm speaks of is so important, reminding us where our safety truly comes from, and it speaks from every direction (a sense most pervasive as I looked at the hills on the Isle of Skye). “I to the hills will lift mine eyes, from whence doth come mine aid. My safety cometh from the Lord, who heaven and earth hath made.” (Psalm 121:1-2 Scottish Metrical Version)

Rachel Mack