Rachel and I have had an eventful and fun-filled week!  Wednesday evening the Go Team arrived from Northern Ireland.  The Go Team is a group of young adults that comes over to Airdrie RP Church every year to help with leaflet distribution.  Thursday through Saturday the eight members of the Go Team plus some members of the church handed out 15,000 leaflets through letterboxes, inviting people to come to church.  Let me just say, we were not lacking exercise those days, and I have more empathy for mailmen when it comes to dogs!

Airdrie Go Team3

When we were not handing out leaflets, we were either bowling, playing some crazy made-up game, or playing Gestapo.  Now let me just take a quick minute to explain what Gestapo is.  It’s a night game, so picture a dark field, thick shrubbery, high grass, lots of holes.  Now sprint to avoid the “Gestapo” and make it to safety.  I think I was the only one who ended up in the pond, but plenty of others came away with scratched up faces.  It may sound horrible, but it was a lot of fun!

I say all of that because I was just reminded so clearly by God this week through all our different activities and service work that Christians know how to have the best fun!  So often I think it can be a struggle for young Christians (even older ones) to feel like in some twisted way they have to “miss out” on some of the “fun” things the world partakes in: under-aged drinking, hooking up, whatever it may be.  But the bond that we share with our brothers and sisters in Christ allows for a far greater depth of friendship and mutual love than non-Christians can experience.  This bond allows young people to be fully themselves, without fear of rejection, and thus experience true joy (as well as sadness) together, in community.  It allows people to “be real” together.

People who see Christianity as impeding their freedom to have fun need to reevaluate.  It would do us all good to consider what freedom is, and what role God plays in allowing us to live in freedom.  Because only in Christ are we free to live a life apart from sin.

The Go Team was a huge blessing this week and definitely reminded me how much fun it can be to serve along side your peers.

Nicki Losh