Sunrise sliderToday Rachel and I had the privilege of taking a break from our studies and went to visit Sunrise Christian School.  Stephen McCollum, who teaches one of our night classes, is the one full time teacher.  Sunrise Christian School is currently the only Christian school in Glasgow, and only one of a few in all of Scotland.  Stephen has a challenging job, having to teach a wide range of ages, beginning with P1 (kindergarten in America) up through P5 and beyond (all within one classroom, God bless him).

Interacting with the kids and learning some of what goes into planning out a school day was very rewarding.  Education in my opinion is of the utmost importance, and this school presented a very different model than I have ever seen before.  There was an absence of stress that allowed the students to really seem to enjoy learning.  Beginning by singing a psalm and praying, it was evident from the beginning that the school is committed to providing a Biblically based education, teaching the students how faith plays a role in every subject area.

Today has challenged me to consider how we can make education better for students.  How can we (as older adults, educators, or whatever position you hold in life) foster excitement to learn, to be creative, rather than just create anxiety over getting good grades?  Children are such wonderful gifts and teachers have an amazing opportunity to shape the rest of their lives.  Even if you aren’t a school teacher, how can you positively shape a child’s life this week?

Nicki Losh