JessicaAs the semester winds down, and we prepare to head home it is time to reflect on the time I have spent here.  I cannot believe how fast almost 4 months has gone by.  When we first arrived in Scotland I was so overwhelmed and scared that I would be desperately homesick.  But as we adjusted into life here, it became so much easier, and it felt like home!  We have become pros at navigating public transportation, and the streets of the big cities, and even the money.  I cannot even explain how strange and amazing it is to feel so comfortable with a whole new culture other than the one I was raised in.

Another aspect that made it so easy to adjust to life here was the congregation at the Airdrie RP church.  They are such incredible people that welcomed us with open arms into their lives and homes.  It was incredible to be able to meet people and their families and get to know their stories.  Being able to get to know the kids through Kids Club was amazing!  I loved asking them if anything exciting happened during their week at school.  I usually got the typical 9 year-old answers that nothing happened, and they didn’t learn a thing.  I cannot wait to come back some day and see what incredible adults those kids grow up to be.

Every Sunday we were invited over for lunch after church.  Other than the fact that meals were delicious, these lunches honestly made me feel so welcome and loved!  It is hard to be away from your family and friends for a long time, and when people invested their time into us it felt like a second family.  On Tuesdays I had my MET where I went to George’s house for a time of devotions with other members of the church.  During these times we were discussing the book of Judges verse by verse.  This allowed me to understand more in depth the struggles the Judges and Israelites went through.

My classes I took part in this semester also helped me a great deal in understanding my faith and what I believe.  There were many times when I had to question the doctrine of my own church and see why I believed what I believed.  It was an incredible opportunity to be able to have class with Rev. Kenneth Stewart and learn more about the tricky aspects of theology that we often question.  I also really enjoyed the class with Pastor Quigley when we read through Spiritual Disciplines.  It was a very good book that went through the different disciplines that we are to partake in throughout our Christian walk.  It was a very valuable tool that I plan to go back to as I live life and meet new struggles.

I will honestly never forget my time here.  I have made life long friends and have gained so many skills during the semester.  When I signed up for this experience last year, Dr. Watt told me it would push me out of my comfort zone, and it did and then some.  I cannot thank the people involved with this semester enough.  I hope dearly to come back some day and revisit the wonderful people and the amazing sights Scotland has to offer.  God is good, and He has reveled that to me more than I could have ever expected.