Last week was back to normal as the four of us girls settled down into classes again after our amazing trip to London.  Things seemed a little mundane, but thankfully our classes are always interesting as well.

One of the things that students participate in as part of the Semester in Scotland program are “Mutual Encouragement Times” or METs.  We were each assigned a night of the week to attend this Bible study with other members of the church.  Since we got here, the church has started reading through the book of Judges together during this time.  This past week, my MET discussed Judges chapter 12 which continues the story of Jephthah that began in the previous chapter.  I am always so encouraged during this time of fellowship and study, and I gain a lot of insight on what we are reading.

Learning about Jephthah was interesting because this man shows that God can use the most unlikely of people to bring about His will.  As the son of a harlot, you wouldn’t expect Jephthah to be a man that God would choose to be a leader of His people.  You also wouldn’t expect someone who makes tragically rash vows that end in the death of his daughter to be a successful leader.  But Jephthah, to the glory of God, helped bring Israel out of bondage through many successful battles.  It is so encouraging to read about how it isn’t what I can do, but rather what God can do through me that enables God’s perfect plan to come about.  God can use any of us to accomplish His will.  It doesn’t matter what sins we have committed — it is what Christ has done on the cross and in His resurrection that truly matters.

When I go back home I know that I will miss my MET group and the lessons we have learned together.  But I am so thankful for the time that I have had, and I will cherish the truths learned for many years to come.

Bethany Cerbus