This past week we had the privilege of participating in a week long “History of  England and Scotland” Humanities course taught by Dr Tim Donachie.  During this week long modular class we went over multiple excerpts of popular Scottish and English poets and authors.  Most of the pieces we studied allowed us to see how life was in England and Scotland throughout its history.  We studied from the earliest history recorded all the way through to the medieval times and the Renaissance up until the Victorian era.

Out of all the things we studied, my top two favorites were Shakespeare’s Macbeth and learning about the royals.  This was my second time reading Macbeth, and I loved it even more having Dr Donachie explain it in his own words.

I also loved learning about the royal families and figuring out who married whom, and how many children they had, and which children took over the throne after their parents.  It was like an intricate web of families and their lives.  I can not wait to see as much of London as we can fit into a week and see the places we learned about.

Jessica McCarrier