Girls at weddingslider

This weekend, we experienced a Scottish wedding.

When we were first invited, I was imagining all the men in kilts, bagpipers and  fiddlers playing as the bride came down the aisle and afterwards live fiddle music at the reception.  This wedding was quite different from my imaginings.

We were invited to Hayley and Matthew Duly’s wedding Friday afternoon at the Airdrie RP Church, and the evening reception at a castle hotel.  It was interesting to see the differences between weddings here and those in the States.  First of all, the wedding was on a week day, which is not typical for most American weddings, though quite normal here.  Also, I was confused because of the multiple receptions and had to have that explained to me.  There was the wedding service at the church which was followed by a light reception in the church hall with tea, coffee, sandwiches, and cakes.  Then those who were invited went to the Castle hotel for a meal.  Following the meal, many more people were invited to the evening reception.

The wedding service was simpler, but in a way, more formal since weddings are considered worship services here in the Scottish RP church whereas in the States, they are not always considered to be worship services. The whole service seemed to center around the preaching of God’s Word and felt more like a worship service than a wedding.  I really appreciated that emphasis since the preaching of God’s Word is often missing from many weddings in the States.  The marriage ceremony came first, then the sermon and benediction following it.  It was simpler than American weddings since Hayley had one bridesmaid, and Matthew had two best men so the processional was much simpler and shorter.

The two major differences in dress that I saw were the kilts and women’s hats. Many of the women that came to the wedding wore fancy hats and fascinators. Bethany Cerbus was so excited to be able to wear a borrowed fascinator for the wedding.  At a typical Scottish wedding, we were told, there would be many of the men wearing kilts.  Since Matthew is from Northern Ireland there weren’t many men in kilts, although Jimmy, Hayley’s dad wore one.

In the evening, after a few hours, we went to the Castle hotel for the second reception.  It was a lot of fun.  The majority of the guests just sat and chatted most of the time.  I really enjoyed being able to just sit and chat with people and was so grateful to be invited to such a special occasion. It was such a fun evening and a much needed break from classes and reading. I really enjoyed my first experience of a Scottish wedding although I was definitely expecting something a little different!

Juliana Miller