mission flyerThe first week of October the church held a mission service outreach. The weeks prior the church came together with the help of the Glasgow RP church and the Edinburgh church as well, distributing thousands of leaflets letting the people of Airdrie know they were invited.  All that was left to do was pray.  We prayed that family members of the church would attend or that at least a handful of people from the town would join us.

The mission took place on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday.  During those 4 nights there were many town people that made their way to the pews.  It was so encouraging to be able to see the fruit of our labor and hear Rev. Andrew’s sermons on the faithfulness of Ruth.  I remember seeing one gentleman that came to several of the nights and each time stayed very late after the sermon and teatime, asking questions.

As a missions major I find evangelism so important, as we all should!  However at first I really struggled with the willingness to go door-to-door giving out these flyers.  I felt very uncomfortable going onto people’s property and giving them a flyer they might be angered by.  But it was neat to see how God pushed me out of my comfort zone.  As I have said before, I am just so blessed to be here with such an amazing congregation who love their town and want to share God and serve Him everyday!

Jessica McCarrier