As we enter into our third week here in Scotland, I have to admit this is the longest I have ever been away from home! As the homesickness begins to dampen my time here, I am swept away by the loving kindness of the congregation! The amazing history and sight seeing helps a bit too!

This week Helen and Jimmy Fisher took us out on our first “field trip” to Stirling Castle! What an amazing thing to see, and to understanding what happened there years and years ago make it all the more fascinating as we see history come alive! The running joke of the trip so far has been “that’s older than the United States!” and we have seen that so presently! Right down the hill from the Castle is a church called “Church of the Holy Rude” which was established in 1129 and has pews older than America! In this beautiful, still functioning church, was a mark on the ground where the infant son of Mary Queen of Scots was crowned King James VI. Such incredible history and we were standing in it!

Girls in Great Hall

As breathtaking as the historical tours have been, another aspect of our time here in Airdrie that has been very enjoyable for me is helping out with Kids Club. In light of Beth’s trip to the States, the four of us American students and three or four church members have been left in charge of 10 or so children under the age of 11. This week’s lesson was about the first commandment “You shall have no other gods before Me” Exodus 20:3. The children participated in Commandment Bowling and craft time that included making bracelets that read “Put God First”.

It is such an amazing opportunity to see God work in the lives of these children and see their excitement to hear His Word! I am truly blessed to be here and worship with the people of this congregation and have a small part in the amazing things they are doing for the Lord and for the Community of Airdrie.

Jessica McCarrier