There are four students coming on the Semester in Scotland programme this autumn: Bethany Cerbus, Juliana Miller, Castine Allmond, and Jessica McCarrier.  The girls arrive the 27th August to begin their studies on the 31st August.  The semester runs until the 11th December.

Daily Schedule
– 9.15 am – worship
– assigned reading
– seminars led by Teachers
Wednesday Afternoons
– cultural trips

Rev. Andrew Quigley will teach –  Life and Work of Paul & Church Ministry
Dr. Tim Donachie will teach – Humanities in England and Scotland
Rev. Kenneth Stewart will teach – Systematic Theology
Mr. Stephen McCollum will teach – Evangelism
Mr. Jimmy Fisher will teach –  Scottish Christian History: 1st and 2nd Scottish Reformations
Miss Beth Bogue will teach – Women’s Ministry to Women

You can read more about the programme here: