JimmyWell we’re almost at the end of another Semester in Scotland term, and as I look back on the last few months I can’t believe the amount we have managed to cram in.

We covered the history in the classroom before hitting the road and walking in the footsteps of the Covenanters and Reformers we had read about.  We’ve stood where they stood, tramped the same hills and moors they did, and found their graves and monuments (even cleaning and painting them).  It was really a great time of learning and growing.

When you add all that to our Wednesday afternoon cultural outings which have included castles, museums, battlefields, the Highlands, and much, much more, we really have covered a lot this semester.

But more importantly the greatest thing I’ve enjoyed is watching these two young men grow, not only in their knowledge of the Reformation and Covenanters and how God worked in Scotland in the past, but in their knowledge of God Himself.

From the many hours we have spent together in the classroom and travelling around Scotland and the conversations that we’ve had, it is clear the Lord has been working on both their hearts.

And I pray as they prepare to go back home and move on to the next stage in their lives, wherever and whatever that may be, that they will go back with memories of Scotland that will be with them for the rest of their lives.  And just as the Covenanters and the Reformers did, that they too will learn to put their faith in the Lord and to trust Him to guide them wherever He will have them go.

Jimmy Fisher