During the latter half of 2014, the Covenanter Theological Institute entered into discussion with a couple of American universities to see if they would be interested in developing a Semester in Scotland programme similar to one run by Geneva College.  As a result of that work I had the privilege of travelling in March to Bryan College, in Dayton, Tennessee to sign an agreement with them on behalf of CTI.  This agreement will see Bryan College begin offering a Semester in Scotland program to its students either in the fall of 2015 but more probably from the spring of 2016 on.  The Bryan College programme will run concurrently with the Geneva College programme but will also have scope for offering courses specific to its students if required.

This past year has also seen work done in conjunction with Geneva College on the development of a new Humanities course.   This new course, which will include a field trip week to London and Oxford, will hopefully make it possible for more Geneva College students to take the Semester in Scotland programme.   As well as the new Humanities course we have also reclassified some of our other courses to also make them more accessible to more Geneva students.

We trust that these developments will add to the student experiences for all the students who take the Semester in Scotland programme in the future.

Andrew Quigley