SAQWhy do you keep having all those young Americans over?   It’s a question I have been asked a few times,  down through the years, by fellow ministers in a sister denomination.  The answer is simple – ‘Opportunity’.


Semester in Scotland is an opportunity I would love to have experienced when I was at university.  It’s an opportunity to visit another country and slightly different culture.   An opportunity to be given structured time to read the Bible and good books.  An opportunity, because of the size of the class, to learn in a seminar environment where questions are encouraged, discussion is relevant, and there is no pressure to ‘cram’ to pass a test.  An opportunity to learn first hand about the history of Christ’s Church in a different land.  An opportunity to be part of and serve in another part of the body of Christ.   An opportunity to continue to grow and develop, building on the foundation that had already been laid in life by family, friends, church, and college life.


Semester in Scotland is all about opportunity.  That’s what I share with the students as soon as they arrive and many of them get it.  A fact borne out by the testimonies of those who have taken the program.


So if you’re looking for an opportunity to grow and mature as a person and experience the opportunities cited above, then come and take the Semester in Scotland program, you will not regret it!


Andrew Quigley