This week I was going to talk about some of our classes, and I was about halfway through typing up my first edition of the post before I went to a talk at the church.  It was on eldership.  But when I went my brain was overloaded with the pure awesomeness of God’s design of the Church.  SO, I will keep this short and simple.

What I learned from the talk: the eldership is of utmost importance because the elder is in charge of leading the church.  Why?  It cost the precious blood of the one true Son of God to be founded.  If that isn’t enough to impress upon you the seriousness of the office, the fact that the church will come under attack and Christ gave the office responsibility of protecting (shepherding) the Church adds to the importance.  What happens when the elders do not protect the flock?  Will they be lost?  No, no one can snatch them out of God’s hand.  But they will become confused about Christ, and if they become confused their love for Him will lessen, which leads to a lessening of hope in Him, and as a result they will pursue him less, which means the fruit of the Spirit will not be produced in their lives (less love, peace, joy, patience, etc) which finally prevents them from effectively being the church.  Thus the church falls apart.

Something to dwell on.

Pray for your elders.

Ethan Mathews