Back row left to right: David, Debbie. and Ethan  Front row left to right: Jennie and Rosie

In the bright and early morning of Tuesday, August 19, one of my fellow classmates and I arrived at the Glasgow airport and were driven to Airdrie, our new home for the next four months.  We waited for the other three of our classmates and had a wonderful dinner provided by the Quigley family!  They are so hospitable!

We all slept a lot the next day to catch up on lack of sleep and jet lag.  While the boys slept, the girls went to breakfast in a flat owned by a couple from the church.  To them it may have been a small gesture, but I know to me, it was an extremely welcoming and encouraging glimpse of the community of believers we would be joining for the next four months.  When the boys woke up, we went grocery shopping.  That evening we got to meet another couple from the church, and we were welcomed into their home for a yummy dinner.  These first two days definitely helped us to start off our time here well!

Rosie and Jennie on walk with KarenOn Friday, Rosie and I took our classmates out to explore Airdrie a little bit (since she and I had done a little exploring before).  We invited Karen, a member of the church, over for tacos for dinner and we had a mini photo session!  After dinner, Karen graciously took Rosie and I out on a walk on some gorgeous walking paths.  The beauty in Scotland is everywhere! I could not believe the mixture of gorgeous sunset, green trees, and picturesque hill scenes!

Airdrie2On Saturday, Rosie and I explored Airdrie a little bit more and found a super fun playground!  Then some of the crew and I watched the Doctor Who Premiere, IN SCOTLAND!!!!

On Sunday we all went to church at Airdrie Reformed Presbyterian Church.  It started off with a Bible class in which we discussed what we believe.  Then we had an all church prayer time.  It is amazing to witness the presence of the Heavenly Father when a body of believers come together to lift up His name and converse with Him.  Not coming from a Reformed Presbyterian background, I was unsure what to expect in the worship service.   However, the service was great!  Here are some of the notes I took during morning worship: “When God is silent, we must persist and continue to declare that God is great!”  “Jesus Christ seeks us!”  After
morning worship, we were invited to Karen’s home for a hospitality lunch.  She is a great cook!  After a great lunch and some great time together, the boys went back to their flat, and the girls went back to ours.  We had a quick nap before heading back to church for evening service.  Here are some of the notes I took from the great sermon we heard that evening: “When Jesus comes in, He causes a great stir.”  “No one can reach into our hearts like Jesus Christ can.”  “He’s called me and there’s a life and forgiveness in Him, because He has sought me!”

Studying3Monday we began our class work, by reading for the two lectures we would take on Tuesday.  Tuesday we had our Church Ministry seminar and our Paul seminar. Wednesday, we were unfortunately not able to have our Systematic Theology class, but were greatly looking forward to having it next week.  Then in the afternoon Jimmy and Helen, a couple from the church, took us to Loch Lomond.  It was so beautiful!  Wednesday evening, the girls attended a MET (Mutual Encouragement Time) – we are studying the book of Nehemiah.  On Thursday, we had some more study time and then we had our first Reformed Evangelism seminar.  Next week we will start our Scottish Covenanter History and Theology course.  On Friday, we had another study day.


On Saturday, we all slept in again.  Then we worked on some studying and we spent some time together before the group that watched Doctor Who last Saturday huddled onto a couch in the girl’s flat and watched the newest episode.

So far my time in Scotland has been amazing!  Not only am I experiencing a completely different country, I am also growing spiritually and being stretched.  I know that this coming semester will be one to never forget!

~Jennie Smith