Another week gone by of reading and learning,

And now the leaves have started turning

From greens to oranges, yellows, and reds.

All these books are filling up our heads


My eyes have seen so many pages,

And my mind starts wondering if I can remember it all.

I sit and read for ages and ages,

But I do not think my mind will ever hit a wall.


Our books are more than food for thought,

They are a way of life – it’s what the Bible taught.

We sit and read day after day

With the prospect of hearing what the Scriptures may say.


We are taught by Godly men,

And have the honor of studying under them.

With wisdom that comes with the years,

Their knowledge pours rapidly into our ears.


Now moving on from the classroom

Some other activities we did:

Mamma Mia, Pittsburgh Penguins, (Let’s go Sid the kid!)

Bar Noodle, time with friends, a new RP Seminary,

Nate’s birthday, play dates in Glasgow, and said goodbye to the secretary.


We said “bye” to Beth for a short while

Because she left us for the states

Travelled over 3000 nautical mile

And it makes me think home awaits.


Perhaps a little homesick I may be,

But I believe that happens naturally.

I’m still glad that I am here,

Oh, and fall break is coming near!


More fun times are on their way

As well as the books and the discussion.

They must be embraced day by day

For its exposure will lend a positive repercussion.

– Christopher Little

At the Sir Walter Scott memorial in Edinburgh

At the Sir Walter Scott memorial in Edinburgh

At the Seminary opening.

At the Seminary opening.

Nate's birthday.

Nate’s birthday.