This past week has been very relaxed in comparison to the previous week on tour with Jimmy, which you can read about from Kelly.  Classes started up again, and we got back into the flow of reading and preparing to discuss what we learned.  Because it seemed so relaxed I had much more time with my thoughts.  During this time God taught me a lesson.

Throughout the week, in my devotions and in class, God was teaching me about the reality of sin and what sin does to us.  Sin, at least in America, is just a bad thing you do that you know you shouldn’t have done.  But Jesus teaches us that it is so much more.  Because of this sin in our lives we cannot come into the presence of God.  He is perfect and cannot even be near sin.  We generally like to think of ourselves as pretty good people… in comparison to others.  So logically that means we’re without sin and can be with God right?  Wrong.  Paul teaches us in Romans 3:23 that we “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”.  This sin nature was imputed to us by the acts of Adam all those years ago in the garden.   It’s important for us to realize this not only because it is taught in the Bible, but it is because of this fact that we need Jesus Christ’s sacrifice so desperately.  See, we think that we need to clean ourselves off before coming to Jesus to ask for His forgiveness, but the thing is, if we’re clean we don’t need His sacrifice.  If we are not sinners, there is no need for a sacrifice to clean us of sin making Jesus and His entire earthly life superfluous.  However, we are sinners, we are broken, we are counted as an enemy of God; therefore we do need Christ’s sacrifice.

Fortunately, the passage from Romans I referenced earlier was only one part of Paul’s lesson.  He continues to say “and all are justified freely by His grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus.”  The story of sin entering the world did not end with Adam and Eve hiding from God.  Moses goes on to write about how God condemned Satan and spoke of one who would rise up to strike him down, whom we now know to be Jesus.   In the same way our story does not end with our sins.  Christ shows us His grace, cleaning us and taking us away from our sins.  It is in Christ and His sacrificial work on the cross that we have hope.  Hope that we can one day enter into the presence of God and see His glory firsthand.

God blessed me this week with reminding me of two things: first, that I am a sinner and there is nothing I can do about it.  Even if there was something I could do, I wouldn’t want to by nature because I am in sin.  Second, Jesus redeemed us from our sins that we might be made new in Him.  It is by His acts, and His acts alone, that we can be made clean.  I thank God every day that He brings us this second lesson, and that we are not left with only the first.

For His Glory,

Timothy Wolff