On Saturday, August 24, 2013, my three companions and I arrived in Scotland. We were driven from the Glasgow airport to Airdrie, where we will be studying over the next few months.  Since we had arrived early in the morning we had the opportunity to move into our homes and freshen up a bit from the long flight.  That afternoon we took a walk to take in some of the sights of our new home town.  We enjoyed the sights and smells, and scoped out some places that looked like they had good food!  Sunday we went to the Airdrie RP Church for the morning and evening services, and were blessed by two sermons on God’s judgment and grace from the book of Zephaniah.  We had our class orientation time Monday afternoon and got to spend the evening with the Quigleys, getting to know each other better.

On Tuesday our classes partially started.  We began our readings, but won’t begin our seminars until next week, so we still had a lot of free time for exploring and getting over our jetlag.  I had the privilege on Tuesday night (as I will every week) of going to my first MET (Mutual Encouragement Time).  There I got to know a few of the church members a little better, and was blessed by our Bible study in Deuteronomy.  I had not realized until that point what an uplifting book Deuteronomy can be!

On Wednesday afternoon Jimmy took us to Stirling Castle.  This was the first sightseeing we had gotten to do outside of Airdrie, and we were all thoroughly excited to be there.  The sights were incredible, and the history was fascinating.  Jimmy was an excellent tour guide – he knew the history of the buildings, and told us many of the stories and highlights of the castle, and made our time there altogether enjoyable.  Thursday and Friday morning were spent studying, with free time in the afternoon to shop, rest, exercise, or study some more in preparation for next week’s classes.

We are all looking forward to the start of our seminars. I have greatly enjoyed this past week, and am excited for what is to come.  I look forward to drawing nearer to God and growing deeper in my faith through the classes, as well as through time spent at church services, METs, and service in the church and community.

~Kelly Favand

SIS Autumn 2013SIS studyingStirling CastleWilliam Wallace Towerthe cottageThe students from left to right: Christopher Little, Kelly Favand, Tim Wolff, and Nate Miller




Studying in the Airdrie Church Hall.






Stirling Castle





The Wallace Monument




The Cottage