While at Pastor Andrew’s house for our last dinner before departing, we were asked if we had learned practical things that we could take with us. It may seem odd to categorize what I have learned during my time in Scotland this way because what I have learned has ranged from debates on infant baptism to eating with chop sticks. Some people may think that this program is only for ministry majors or Reformed Presbyterians. I would argue that this program is for anyone who is looking to get serious about their Christian walk and thinks it worth their time to spend four months in Scotland to do so. My time in Scotland has been saturated with God, his word and his people. I hope that the people I have met here know how much of a blessing they were to me and my fellow students during this semester. The habits I have formed, the disciplines I have put into practice and the friendships I have made most assuredly will never be forgotten. I can say with confidence that everything I have learned here I will carry with me always.