As I’ve been reflecting on my time in Scotland over the past week one thing that really stands out in my mind, is something that Andrew said in our ministry class that I don’t think Anna and I will ever forget [especially after Peter mentioned it in his sermon]. He explained to us that the Christian life is a plod, and said, “To plod is the job. Plod on.” I loved this because it holds together what each of the books we’ve read here taught, when doing the spiritual disciplines gets tiresome, plod on. When evangelizing to people who may or may not want to hear the message, plod on. When we look at Paul’s life and want to imitate it with our own, we plod on. When we think about all the different parts of theology that might confuse us or seem irreconcilable, we plod on. This principle applies to every aspect of life, whether we were climbing up hills or I was falling down them, whether we were tired and didn’t want to read or hyper and didn’t want to read. We plodded on. Now that our time here is waning one thing I want to carry back with me is the idea of plodding on. Regardless of the circumstances in my life the aim is to bring glory to God, and the motive love and gratitude, so I plod on until I finish the race.