I have been learning a lot during my time here in Scotland and have been greatly appreciative of this experience. The knowledge that we have learned in class has taught me much has solved many problems I have been having theologically, explained many Reformed theological points and has shown me many areas of my spiritual life that could be improved.

One thing that I really learned to enjoy here is Psalm singing.

The church I go to back home has a full worship band and we sing a variety of songs that usually could be heard being sung by the band Newsong. I have been going to this church since I was in 5th Grade (or Primary 6) and as far as I can recall we have never sang Psalms, and if we did, it wasn’t exclusive Psalmity.

Here, we sing Psalms for both church services on Sunday and every morning before class. When we went to a youth conference one weekend we sang Psalms before every speech we heard. Even when we are away from the church and not even with any “church people” or doing something non-church related we have sang Psalms.

One night there was a group of us chatting and before we went back to wherever we were staying we brought out some Psalters and sang one, along with a scripture reading and prayer. Personally, I thought that was really cool. Though we should always involve God in our conversation, it was nice to make special time for God before we left for the night.

Overall, this semester so far has taught me much and has made me take a serious look at the way I look at worship.

-Joshua Giesler