It has only been a short time that I’ve been here – a mere two weeks – but in that time so much change has already come my way. My heart has been set alight like never before for knowing my God, my Father & my Creator. The number of books we are reading, as well as the length of the discussion may sound (initially) a heavy burden, but I have found myself catching my breath at the end of finishing a chapter – quite literally!

The trips taken – so far to Edinburgh and Glasgow, Stranraer, and into the Highlands – are more than sightseeing. In them the passion and interest of our ‘guides’ are revealed, and day by day great fellowship is deepened. What wonders God has made – both in the sites and places that speak of His glory and in the hearts of these people who sing his praise.

Needless to say, my time here to this point have been greatly enjoyable and I have been taught  so much through the power of the spirit. i can only look with excitement and anticipation towards the days to come as he unfolds his plan over the course of these few months. However, one thing is sure – that His glory shall be shown in all that comes, despite any challenge or change that must or may come. To him be all the glory, forever and ever.

 – Casey Main