On the train to Rome:

Having just left Florence with feelings of disappointment and a yearning for something more then what I saw, I find it hard to continue. I know however that there will be a time that Florence and I will meet again, the people I met and the sites that I did get to see, they were beautiful. They were inspiring and they were everything that I had wanted to gain and see within this trip. Venice was beautiful, but it was lonely and felt like a pilgrimage. Florence was wonderful and vibrant with amazing people to enjoy the trip alongside. Riding this train and looking out the windows I see such beauty, such a stark contrast to anything that I find in my backyard.   Its threatening in every way and I love it. It threatens to change the way that I think.  It threatens to change the way that I even look at others.   I’m coming to realize more and more that no one is special in their own right, its what they have brought to the table that separates them in the end.

When I walked into the Hostel I was completely taken by the smells, the noise, and the absolute sense of belonging. This isn’t something that I am used to, so it took a little bit to acclimate myself to the situation. The placed smelled of delicious food, it was dinner time. The noise was the sounds of eating and of a TV spouting out Italian translations of American shows. The sense of acceptence and belonging, well that was from the people there. If I could have walked into a college apartment, I would have found no difference. The absolute beauty of the situation and the simplicity of it all blew me away.

As I move closer and closer to Rome, I find expectation high and the need for doing laundry higher. First thing I will do is find the hostel, then find the nearest laundry place. The second thing I will do is then find the nearest Pizza place. In each city I have made sure to eat the pizza, and in each I have wanted to die in ecstasy from the flavors and fullness of each bite. The ice cream is nothing this palate has been able to translate. In sum, the food is worth the trip, but the beauty and the history, is a very sweet icing on top a very beautiful cake.