This Blog is a reflection on a conversation that Andrew Quigley and I had in my Biblical Theology class.  After discussion concerning worship and the issues within the modern church Rev. Quigley and I thought it would be proper to place my reflection on here.

Through my months of study here in Scotland I have come to develop a new understanding or should I say a deeper appreciation of worship and the immense need for change within the American system of Contemporary Worship.

The revelation began this way, what is worship to do within the worshipper?  My first response was to create a connection between the adherent and God and to give God glory through submission to his greatness and to give thanks for His grace, mercy, and provision.  I have not changed that view, but I’ve come to understand that the American way of worship falls far short of even this definition.  Recently, I have had to defend my view of instrumental worship and I’m grateful for it.  It has taught me a lot, it has also revealed to me the need for change.  Big change is needed to refocus our worship.  I’ve come to understand the importance of the Psalms in use of worship, they give light to everyday life of a believer.  Something that most worship songs in America fall short of.

There are many modern worship songs that speak of Joy and peace, but few that deal with death, persecution, and other real issues that a believer must deal with.  The Psalms are perfect for this, they deal with every issue imaginable.

Recently here in Scotland a denomination has come to change a foundational doctrine, and seeing the importance of this change has showed me the need for this refocusing of my worship.  There are moments in my life when I go to church and I don’t feel like worshiping, why?  Because the songs we are singing come from a person that is numb.  That’s what the songs and the worship seem to do to the worshiper.  Entertain and numb.  We have lost the true essence of what we are even there for.  Joy is good but we are not always in this state.  We need songs that connect, not songs that create a division.  It seems that many people in America come to church to find peace, to find something that makes them feel better about themselves.  To create a second life really, something that has become the major trend in the world, just look at the alternate lifestyle programs on the internet.  The draw is that the church seems to cater to the needs of the people.

The remedy to this is not a simple fixer but I think that if we as a BODY, not a ligament, as most of the church seems to like to move as, we need to refocus our worship to include the Psalms and to have a better doctrine of reality really.  We need to exit our fairy land and deal with real issues.  Missions, outreach, community service is effected, EVERYTHING is effected. We got to soon find a remedy to the paralysis that the devil has convinced us is just alright and begin to move once again forward with the gospel and not let ourselves be fooled that what we are doing is enough.