My time here in Scotland can be said to be a time of learning, grace, and fulfillment. I’ve learned so much in my time here and I’ve come to understand so much while being here. The situation of the church in another nation, the necessity of a deeper understanding within many areas of the Church, and a renewed vigor within myself towards the things of God.

When I arrived here in Scotland, immediately I was overcome by the small differences. Things like driving on the wrong side of the road, the unique accents, the delicious foods, and mostly the feeling of possibilities. I came to Scotland searching, searching for something that I felt as though I had been losing while being constantly within the academic surroundings of Geneva. Now in these days, I can say, I’ve found what I was looking for. Faith, passion, and purpose, all of these things within me have been reignited.

As time passed and the days turned into weeks and the weeks into months. I found myself slowly wanting to let the academics go and hold onto the discovering and reigniting. Then I discovered that a healthy balance between the two could be formed. That was when I began to enjoy my time here even more. I let the history of Scotland surround me and let the passion of those before me show the ways of righteousness. Its so interesting how when in a foreign land that you find yourself assailed by new understandings and concepts. This I think is what made me fall in love with Scotland; alongside the beauty of the land and the kindness of its people.

Now as I sit in Skye writing these words, I find myself reflecting on just how much I have experienced. The travels in Scotland and also my travels on the continent. There’s so much I’ve seen and so much that I’ve done, and in each moment when I look back, I remember the beauty, the history, and the simple pleasure that was gained by each one. I remember flying into Venice over the Italian Alps and seeing the sunset as we were descending, remembering the absolute beauty and magnificence of the sight, it reminded me of the awesome Creator of it all.

As I sit in my chair looking out onto a foggy rain soaked coast I think of the wonderful people that I’ve come to love and respect. The people that I will be hard pressed to say goodbye to. In the end my time will come to pass and my plane will start its engines with me aboard. Not without me wishing I could stay and be blessed with the company of those I call friends and would dare to say family, a family that gave love and acceptance as its greeting smile. God has truly blessed my time here and I will never forget this land or the people in it. I hope that my being here was half as fulfilling as the fulfillment that I received, that somehow my time was not only for my encouragement but for the growth and encouragement of others also. Thank You and God Bless.