As I move quickly through the land of Italy to my next destination, fully content from the last. I find myself wondering how this would be if we as humans would all seek to find something more. To look for something more the the carnal, for something more then the immediate, and for something more then the fleeting. We look in all directions for something that draws us to itself, but then as we approach, we are pushed away, given only a time for solace. We look for completeness and only find a gaping hole given residence. Small yet significant is the gap, for within this gap a driving force so large and global that that to resist is futile (cliché but true). This force widens the gap, making it longer and longer before we find that same solace. Just in the same way to achieve the same high, a user must intake more and more. So finally struggling in the end to achieve even a fraction of what is dreamed, we succumb to frailty and resolve to acquiesce ourselves to defeat.

I am reminded of this only because of what I have seen and what surrounds me now. All around me I see need. I see the need for something, a universal search that needs no language. I see it on the faces of those that give their all to their lovers, yet feel empty after release. I see it on the faces of all those who pass by me in a rush to see the next site before their time runs out. No time to enjoy, and not enough enjoyment to fulfill. Kinda’ Catch 22 when you think about it.

I’m reminded of one of my classes back in Scotland, my Paul class. Though I saw nothing relating to Paul, I saw the needs he must have seen. I see the fervor and the love that he must have poured out. Those kinda events, those kinda things that occurred; they are what excite me for the future. They make me willing and just daring to go forward into the unknown with the understanding that God will care for his servant.

I find it so funny that now that I’m writing this, Andrew in Glasgow church yesterday preached on the very same essence or topic that I’m discussing here, being a people that are not only lovers of God but ‘doers’ of His work also.  Seeing the needs of the people sometimes can be heavy and feel like a burden to people.  There is just so much that needs done.  Then why do we not respond to our Saviors call for the need of workers, ‘the fields are ripe for the harvest’.   Didn’t Isaiah present a great example of what to do?  When he heard God calling out, “Who Shall I Send?”, He answered “LORD send me”!  All throughout the entire sermon in Glasgow I was smiling and shaking my head in agreement.  Never better put of whats in and on my heart then what I heard then.

Back to Paul though, the needs.  The needs that Paul saw within the people that he reached out to, I saw them too.  Right now I’m learning that Paul didn’t just wish to spread the Gospel, he saw the potential of the Gospel as a element of healing.  He didn’t go into each town, say some words, and then carry on.  No.  He spoke and spread the Gospel in a way that made it impossible to not want more of it.  So that even when he had left, that there had been established a new church to tend to its young flock.  Eventually that church would find ground in which to root itself and to rise from the dust and make itself a fountain of healing and renewal.  Even then Paul didn’t stop, we see his letters to the churches even after he has left them and is on the way to another section of the world.

In that same sense, I want to fulfill and be filled with God’s Will and Presence.  So that I may indeed not only spread the Gospel but create healing within the Church itself and in the community that it resides.

Coming off an amazing travel experience, I find it hard to not want to continue moving, continue learning about people and their lives and continue getting to know people and tell them about how God has changed my own life.  So that is the next goal, to find that time, that space when I can share and demonstrate His change within me and within His creation.  To continue on with what He has commissioned me to do, and not to let anyone or anything stand in the way.