The scenery changed as we traveled further and further from what I had come to know as comfortable and acceptable. To a land or strange scenes and even stranger accents. We arrived in the dark, I knew by the maps I had looked at that somewhere around me was a large body water, but I failed to distinguish its presence in the darkness.

Immediately we realized we were locked out, we needed a code. So we knocked and someone came to assist us. We can to find out, the code was easy as the act of knocking. Revelations 3:20 says it all, Christ stands at the door and knocks, we have but to answer and let Him come in. We came in from the darkness and the cold to a atmosphere that could be captured by many Hollywood films but never imitated, a comfortable and welcoming hotel scene. We entered and the rest became a story of learning and experiences to be in memory vaults for a long time.

I think that thing that came to the most when I was in Arbroath was the speaker and the way he presented the Romans 12 passage. The study of giving ourselves wholly to the act of following Christ. Not only in the act of following but in the act of discipleship, learning, and becoming more like the Son of God. The fullness of the situation and the depth into which the speaker took the few passages that were covered showed me a deeper appreciation of something that we as followers of Christ take for granted, the giving of ourselves.

The later part of the weekend brought more lessons and more friendships to be made. Walking alongside the beautiful scenes of water and land, brought me closer to my creator. For me, to peer into the creation is to peer into the face of its creator, so as I walked alongside the beaches and gazed into sunsets I found that ideas that the speaker gave more and more reachable.

By the end of the weekend I had found myself laughing and joking with a group of complete strangers who had now become friends. When it comes down to it, the weekend was better then anything I could have imagined and I learned a lot from the speaker and from just opening and getting to know others from the weekend.

Given the opportunity, I’d do it all over again.  Talk more, laugh more, and come to realize that I can always DO more.  I can always give more of myself, I can always GIVE MYSELF. It has to be something more then just the act of sacrifice, it has to become more then an act of selflessness. In the act of selflessness, we as humans always find ways to make it selfish.  So…go beyond, go above, and go make someone laugh or let them make you laugh, its good for the heart don’t ya’ know.