THERE are some places you just must go, this is one of them, London. The city thrives with life and with the pursuit of something more. Surrounded by memorials to the past and to sacrifices made; the city pushes forward with a tense and earnest pursuit of something more then itself. The buildings they speak of beauty, the people they speak of progress. As I sit here writing this little blurb of a blog, I am struck by just how menial and nonexistent one can be within a city like this. How insignificant one can feel within the confines of a logical and driven city is absolutely amazing.

I only bring this up to realize what is really occurring within myself. The feeling of being a small tiny infinitesimal cog within the clockworks of an immense and functional time piece is beyond the words that are necessary to describe even the feeling let alone the implications of such a revelation. I’m not one to rightly express emotions or to attribute much adherence to a single one, but right now I can say that I feel…lost. Not geographically, I know where I am; a Starbucks situated on Piccadilly right across from Green Park, near the Buckingham Palace. That is not the problem, its the immersion into an environment that doesn’t need you. That is the one aspect that I can figure out is different, the single element that truly, when push comes to shove, is the reason for this element of immense waywardness. There is one thing that I must see when it comes to this feeling, that is will pass. That once back into the society and company that I know and coming to love will I find that sense of purpose and feel less like a single entity on the outside of an aquarium glass, tapping the pane and trying to figure out if I could swim.

ONCE the feeling of lost fades, then the feeling of amazement and absolute awe take their hold. This is where much of what I am all about began, well at least one half of me, the other part is across a channel. The push to go across a huge ocean began here, or at least I think it did. Not that much of what gave the push still remains. There is the still the thought and feeling that here is history, proper history, none of the American ‘oh we have history’ kind of history, but the deep and sometimes dark history that makes or breaks nations. Walking past some buildings that are older then the country that I call my own can be very intimidating, but it brings a sense of what was and what can be. We’ve done it different, and we’d like to think we’ve done it better. When that world around me is blazing past there still remains one element in them all, they are a single unit, a human. Something that is organic, something that cannot be removed and if it must, then only by force.

IT amazes me as people streak by, completely focused upon their tasks at hand, that they pass the very objects that I’ve come to see, as though they are no more important then a hostel they will never enter. The grand palace and the regal cathedral, they seem to have lost their significance and importance to all other then the common tourist.

Now that I’ve gotten all of that off my chest there seems little to say other then, seeing is believing, the sites, the views, the scenes they all seem to be from another world. They all seem to point to one thing, that there is something greater, something more then, something higher and worth pushing towards. That’s why I’m here, not just for the fish and chips, but for the sense of filling up, collecting evidence if you will. Evidence that is not needed but seen and respected for the beauty that it represents.

Appreciate, Culminate, and Affiliate. IF it be Great, then Prostrate.