There’s a moment when something feels so right, you know that you have to do it.  This feels right.  Being in Scotland of all places to me is something that I had never thought of.  Then again who thinks of the moments when God interrupts our perfectly laid plans that wish to superimpose His Will?

Hearing the program described to me in my Globalization Class, I sat there totally uninterested thinking that I had my plan for my life until some Almighty moment may come and prove me wrong.  I didn’t have to wait long for that moment.  It wasn’t long before my plans began crumbling before my eyes, doors began to close on opportunities and for me and God, that’s how I begin to understand that His Will is for something else.  I had no idea what is was but I listened and prayed about what new thing was to come my way and I remained open to the fact that maybe God didn’t want me to travel.

Then I received an email introducing me again to the program but I wrote that off, thinking that everyone got those emails, so that wasn’t anything special.  Eventually events came together to make me realize that there was more to this program that met many of the things that I had been praying for God to bring to light or make me realize.

So, I’ve been here for almost three weeks now, and each day seems like a dream.  I wake every morning wondering when the beautiful scenery will turn into white walls and I’ll wake up in one of those hot rooms of Old Main on campus.  That moment never comes and I’ve come to settle well into this dream state of mine.

Every moment I need to give thanks for, every site I see takes my breath and it feels like murder to walk away to see another murderous scene of beauty and history. It’s so hard to not just sit down on that cold floor of The Glasgow Cathedral and imagine the bustle, the odors, and the presence that resided within those walls.  To not feel as though only an inch of time and space disconnects you from that noose or that blade that took the lives of many before you, for the same reason that you find confidence to not fear death.  Then it hits you, that raw feeling of being hopelessly overwhelmed by what surrounds you.  You can do nothing to avoid its collisions within your mind and your heart.  Its so hard to envision a public killing ground in this day and age even within the view of a gorgeous monument of mans achievements there stands a monument to mans darker facets.

Through this all, this taking in so much beauty it comes to remind me that there is so much within this world that elicits thoughts of something greater then self.  The first time I saw the Ocean, my only thought was, ‘How can anyone not believe in God?’.  The same thought invades my conscious as I look over the valleys, hills, mountains, and scenes of Beauty that tongues cannot tell.  His hand painted it all, each time I leave a site that really gets to me, I say goodbye in my own way. I tell it to keep doing what its doing, Glorifying God.

That mountain may never hear my words or that ocean never raise its waves to the roar of a song, but I find myself wishing for God to call His Creation to praise Him in only the way it knows proper. While they keep their silence, I will sing to the Maker of heaven and Earth, where my help comes from.  I  keep taking pictures to remind myself what a beautiful place this truly is and I will keep on being blown away and wish for this to never end.