This week, Airdrie Church had its annual Mission Week.  Basically, all the church members invite their unsaved friends and family to come during the week to a series of special services given by Andrew.   This includes the door-to door work that we did with the GO team in putting leaflets through people’s mail slots.

The overall topic of the week was “Who is Jesus and why does this matter?” Andrew put a lot time and effort into his sermons, so much so that we weren’t able to do any seminars this week.   He did a great job, though.   I think he said what God needed him to say.  He said some hard things, but also was inviting with the Gospel.   I wish that there were a few more services like that in the US at times.

Also, I was impressed with the attitude of the congregation.  Everyone seems very positive about results.  Everyone got involved however they could.  There’s a trust in God to use the mission to His purpose.   Immediate results would be nice, yes, but they don’t seem to be required.  I haven’t seen an attitude quite like it before, and, I’ve got to say, it’s very infectious.

Jon Key